Get seen on the hill: Kiosk Advertising

Fifteen highly visible kiosks throughout campus are passed by students, faculty, staff and visitors each day and serve as distribution points for the printed newsmagazine and special sections. The outdoor kiosks are the only outdoor advertising on campus outside of athletic facilities. 

Print & Lamination: $100 each

Lamination Only: $25 each

Print Only (Indoor): $75 each


Outdoor: 23”w x 36”h

Indoor: 24”w x 48”h

Ads can be printed and provided by the client or printed by WKU Student Publications. All outdoor ads must be laminated against weather.

Outdoor Kiosks

1. WKU Transit Stop, across the street from Cherry Hall

2. WKU Transit Stop, near Environmental Sciences and Technology Hall

3. Colonnade Drive, between Wetherby Administration and Terry Colonnade

4. Helm Library, near Commons entrance

5. The Valley, between Hilltopper Hall and neighboring dorms

6. Centennial Mall, endcap closest to Downing Student Union

7. Downing Student Union, along Avenue of Champions

8. Guthrie Tower, along central walkway on north edge

9. Gary Ransdell Hall, at transit stop

10. First Year Village, along central walkway

Indoor Kiosks

11. Snell Hall, first floor entryway near DaVinci’s

12. Fine Arts Center, first floor near elevator

13. Grise Hall, first floor vestibule

14. Parking Structure 1, near elevator

15. Jody Richards Hall, first floor near the computer lab