Online Advertising


Cherry Creative, Student Publications is the place to get seen by WKU students, faculty, staff and alumni. The website is the perfect way to connect to the campus community and beyond. The go-to source for need-to-know information, provides breaking news, in-depth features and other unique content to an ideal audience for your business.

Positions & Dimensions

Masthead: 960px wide by 250px high

Slides in from top of the window as page loads.

Banner: 900px wide by 100px high

Positioned at the top or bottom of each page, or the middle of the homepage and section pages.

Rectangle: 300px wide by 250px high

Positioned in the siderail on each page or within 


Each position serves a rotating set of up to four ads with a new ad served each time a page is loaded. You can also purchase an exclusive takeover of a position for a set time period.