Understanding sponsored content

Cherry Creative, Student Publications

Let us tell your story. A Cherry Creative writer, photographer or designer will work with you to create a piece on a topic agreed upon by your business. With unparalleled reach into the WKU community, we are the best avenue to get your story out. Sponsored content pieces will be similar in style to the editorial content in the publication but will be labeled as being sponsored by your business. The piece can be provided by you or produced by our creative staff. If our staff is producing the piece, you will be able to be involved throughout the process and proof the piece multiple times before publication. 

The standard rates for sponsored content are listed below. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to what Cherry Creative can create for your business. Intensive, in-depth pieces will be priced on a case-by-case basis. 

Special Sections 

Print, full-page: $550 

Full page, approximately 400-600 words and 1-2 photographs. 

Homecoming guide: $700 

View of the Hill 

Print: $1,000 

One page, approximately 400-600 words and 1-2 photographs. 

College Heights Herald 

Online, standard story: $350 

Approximately 500 words and 1-3 photographs, shared once on social media and once in email newsletter 

Online, video: $450 

Approximately 2-3 minutes, posted online and shared once on social media. Video file provided for use elsewhere 

Print, full-page: $550 

Full color, approximately 500 words and one photograph